PMP Exam Question Style

PMP Exam questions are framed in few styles. Some of the most popular styles are

Scenario based
It will describe one scenario in the project life cycle and throws a questions based on the given scenario.

Formula based
Usually, it will ask you to solve some variance related questions. Learn the important key formulas.

Questions about tools & techniques, inputs and outputs
These questions will name some process groups and ask you to find the tools & techniques, inputs or outputs related the specified process group.

Some questions will ask you to choose the correct definition for the given key term. Refer the key terms related to PMP exam.

All the given answers seems to be appropriately correct answer to the question. The challenge is to find the MOST APPROPRIATELY CORRECT ANSWER.

-Posted by Dhana

3 Responses to PMP Exam Question Style

  1. roger says:

    Dear Forum,

    Kindly could you let me know is it ok for me to post my PMP study doubts here ?


    Best regards

  2. Dhanasekaran says:

    Dear Roger,

    You are most welcome to post your queries/doubts in this forum and we will definitely answer your queries.

    This forum is to assist people who are preparing for PMP and doubts in PM process.

  3. Ravindra Thakur - India says:

    This is a perfect location for which I was looking for a long time. The section namely ‘PMP Exam Guide’ really resolved all of my queries and doubts.

    Thanks to all who maintained this forum

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