What is Monitoring & Controlling Process Group?

As usual we lookin layman term first before PMBOK 3, the Monitoring & Controlling process group helps to track the project progress with the purpose of ensuring project is on track to meet the project objectives, identify issues & problems, find resolutions to sort out the identified issues & issues, tracks project schedule, status, cost.

PMBOK 3 definition as follows.

The Monitoring & Controlling process group is where project performance measurements are taken, analysed and determine the project progress is align with the project plan. This will assist to identify the issues & problems and take corrective actions to meet the project objectives. While taking corrective actions, the PM may re-visit to the earlier process groups such as planning, executing.


The objectives of the Monitoring & Controlling the Project domain are as follows:

1. Measure Project Performance.
2. Verify and Manage Changes to the Project
3. Ensure Project Deliverables Conform to Quality Standards
4. Monitor all Risks

Knowledge Areas & Processes

Knowledge Area Processes
Integration 1. Monitor and control Project Work
2. Integrated Change Control
Scope 1. Scope Verification
2. Scope Control
Time 1. Schedule Control
Cost 1. Cost Control
Quality 1. Perform Quality Control
Resource Management
1. Manage Project Team
Communication 1. Performance Reporting
2. Manage Stakeholders
Risk 1. Risk Monitoring and Control
Procurement 1. Contract Administration

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